Be visible

Quick & easy mounted

Long lasting glow (up to 12h)



"The perfect solution to make your cargo bike clearly visible from the outside and to see it better inside the box."

Put an end to the clunky fairy lights and light tubes that aren't made for your cargo bike!

CargoGLOW is your stress-free and uncomplicated interior lighting for your cargo bike. Urban Arrow Family, Babboe, Nihola, CAGO, Carqon, CUBE, Muli, Bunch & Winther get stylish and easy-to-install LED lighting that is attached to the inside of the box cover bars.

The LED stripes are super bright, flexible, dimmable, waterproof and produce a neutral light (4000k) that doesn't dazzle thanks to the built-in diffuser! CargoGLOW can be attached to the poles of the rain cover easily and in a matter of seconds thanks to our PerfectFit mounting system. CargoGLOW has a standard USB plug and is operated with a normal 5V power bank.

Your children will love finally having a pleasant light in the box of your cargo bike! In addition, you will be better seen in the dark by other cars, cyclists and pedestrians, thus increasing your safety.

Our design is innovative, unique and protected by utility model law.