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7 Tips for Safe Cargo Bike Riding with Kids and Pets: Your Ultimate Guide

Cargo bikes are a great way to travel with kids and pets. But to make driving as safe as possible, you should follow a few important tips. In this article, we share our top 7 tips for safe cargo bike riding with kids and pets, including proper lighting with CargoGLOW and using UrbanHOOKS .

1. Provide optimal lighting with CargoGLOW

Good lighting is essential to be safe on the road. CargoGLOW offers stress-free and uncomplicated interior lighting specifically for cargo bikes, which simply attaches to the rain cover poles. The LED stripes are super bright, flexible, waterproof and produce a neutral light (4000k) that is not dazzling thanks to the built-in diffuser. This way you can be seen better in the dark and increase safety for you, your children and pets. Learn more about CargoGLOW here.

2. Fasten child seats securely and stably

Make sure that child seats are installed securely and securely. The seat belts should be tight and the children should be well buckled up in order to be optimally protected in the event of an accident or emergency braking.

3. Be mindful of pet handling

Pets should be transported in a sturdy box or trailer specifically designed for transporting animals. Make sure that the box is firmly attached to the cargo bike and that your pet has enough space to feel comfortable in it.

4. Use UrbanHOOKS for additional transportation options

With the practical UrbanHOOKS, you can easily attach prams, scooters, bicycles up to 28" and much more to the outside of your Urban Arrow cargo bike. They offer a clever solution for creating additional space and making it easier to transport objects.

5. Drive with foresight and caution

Always drive with foresight and pay attention to the traffic around you. Because cargo bikes are heavier and slower than regular bikes, keep enough distance and adjust your speed to stay safe.

6. Wait for children and pets to be safely seated before driving

Always make sure children and pets are secure in the cargo bike before setting off. Take the time to check that harnesses and boxes are properly attached and that all passengers - whether on two or four legs - are accommodated comfortably and securely.

7. Keep your cargo bike in perfect condition

Regular maintenance and care are crucial for the safety of your cargo bike. Check the brakes, tires, lights and gears regularly to make sure everything is working properly. If you find any defects, take care of the repairs immediately to ensure the safety of you, your children and pets.

With these 7 tips you are well prepared for safe cargo bike riding with children and pets. Don't forget to optimize the lighting with CargoGLOW and use the handy UrbanHOOKS for additional transport options. So you can enjoy your adventures on the cargo bike carefree and safely.

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