CargoGLOW an einem Urban Arrow Lastenrad von der Seite.

CargoGLOW user manual

Here are your three steps to illuminate your bike:

  1. Slide the included clips onto the CargoGLOW stripes at an even distance (approx. 20 - 25 cm). The clips fit exactly into the groove of the stripes.

  2. Attach the stripes to the poles of your rain cover using the clips.

  3. Connect a suitable power bank (not included) and you're done!

A suitable power bank...

So that you don't have to spend so long looking for a suitable power bank, we have done the work for you and put together a few recommendations.

Simply click here and be sure to order the right power bank.

If you would rather do the search yourself, all the information you need is now available. Basically there are two different CargoGLOW variants.

  • CargoGLOW Single = A stripe with a length of 1m, operating voltage 5V, power approx. 6 watts.
  • CargoGLOW Double = Two stripes, each 1m long, operating voltage 5V, power approx. 12 watts.

So for CargoGLOW Single you need a power bank with 5V and at least 1.2 amps and for CargoGLOW Double you need a power bank with 5V and at least 2.4 amps .

For greater convenience, we definitely recommend using a power bank with an on/off switch.

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