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The best ways to make your cargobike visible in the dark: Discover CargoGLOW for optimal lighting and safety

A cargo bike is a great means of transportation for environmentally conscious families and dog lovers. But as with any bicycle, it is crucial to ensure adequate lighting and safety on the road - especially in poor visibility and in the dark. In this article we will show you how to illuminate your cargo bike in the best possible way to increase visibility for other road users. CargoGLOW is the uncomplicated solution for your cargo bike.

Why is good lighting so important for cargo bikes?

Cargo bikes are larger and heavier than regular bikes, so they can easily be overlooked. Good lighting helps you and your cargo bike to be seen better - this increases safety for you and your passengers.

The solution for your cargo bike: CargoGLOW

CargoGLOW offers the ideal solution to illuminate your cargo bike in the best possible way. This is interior lighting especially for cargo bikes, which is easy to install and easy to use.

The advantages of CargoGLOW over other lighting solutions

  • Specially developed for cargobikes
  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to the PerfectFit assembly system
  • Flexible and waterproof LED Stripes
  • Neutral light (4000k) with built-in non-glare diffuser
  • Available for various cargo bike models such as Urban Arrow Family and Babboe Curve
  • USB plug and operation with a 5V power bank
  • Increases safety for you and your passengers

Installation of CargoGLOW on the cargo bike

CargoGLOW is attached to the rain cover of the cargo bike and is already available for many different cargo bike models. Thanks to the PerfectFit mounting system, CargoGLOW can be easily attached to the rain cover's poles in a matter of seconds. The LED stripes are flexible, waterproof and produce a neutral light (4000k) that is not dazzling thanks to the built-in diffuser.

CargoGLOW can be operated with a normal 5V power bank. It has a standard USB connector, so you don't need any special cables or batteries.

Take a look at the different versions of CargoGLOW and find the right lighting for your cargo bike.

Conclusion: CargoGLOW is the best choice for stress-free and uncomplicated lighting of your cargo bike. With this interior lighting you improve visibility and safety on the road

, while at the same time enjoying a pleasant light in the box of your cargo bike. Not only your children will love the lighting - other road users, cyclists and pedestrians will also benefit from the increased visibility of your cargo bike in the dark.

Additional tips for optimal visibility and safety

In addition to the interior lighting from CargoGLOW, there are other measures to increase the visibility of your cargo bike and thus ensure safety on the road:

  1. Reflective Stickers or Strips: Attach reflective stickers or strips to the sides and rear of your cargo bike to increase visibility in low light conditions.
  2. Rear light: Make sure that the rear light of your cargo bike works and is clearly visible. If necessary, get an extra tail light.
  3. Front light: Make sure that the front light of your cargo bike works and is adjusted correctly. It should not be set too high to avoid dazzling other road users.
  4. Helmets with lights: Luminous helmets or helmet accessories are a good way to increase visibility, especially for passengers in the cargo bike box.

The combination of CargoGLOW and these additional safety measures ensures that your cargo bike is optimally illuminated and is therefore safer on the road.

Don't forget to visit the CargoGLOW offer and optimally equip your cargo bike for the next trip. With CargoGLOW and the tips mentioned, you are well prepared for driving in the dark and with poor visibility. Safety first, even on the cargo bike!

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