Die besten Möglichkeiten, dein Lastenfahrrad im Dunkeln sichtbar zu machen: CargoGLOW und mehr!

The best ways to make your cargo bike visible in the dark: CargoGLOW and more!

Safety and lighting play a crucial role when it comes to being on the road with your cargo bike. In the dark or in poor light conditions, the visibility of your cargo bike is particularly important. In this article we will show you how to illuminate your cargo bike in the best possible way and thus ensure your own safety and the safety of your passengers. Among other things, we will introduce you to the unique interior lighting for cargo bikes from CargoGLOW and explain why it stands out from other lighting options.

Visibility and safety for cargo bikes

If you ride your cargo bike at night or in poor light conditions, it is important to be clearly visible. The lighting should not only be sufficient for other road users, but also for yourself and your passengers. Here are some basic tips for good cargo bike lighting:

  1. Front and rear lights : Make sure your cargo bike has working front and rear lights. These are required by law and must be switched on in the dark or when visibility is poor.
  2. Reflectors : In addition to the front and rear lights, reflectors are also a good way to increase the visibility of your cargo bike. They reflect the light of other road users and make your cargo bike visible from a distance.
  3. Eye-catching colors and patterns : If you want to make your cargo bike even more eye-catching, you can use reflective stickers or adhesive foils in bright colors and patterns.

Why CargoGLOW is the perfect solution for your cargo bike

There are many ways to make your cargo bike visible in the dark, but CargoGLOW is one of the best options. The CargoGLOW interior lighting for cargo bikes has been specially developed for cargo bikes and offers a number of advantages over other lighting options:

    • Easy Installation : CargoGLOW comes with the PerfectFit mounting system that allows installation on the rain cover poles in seconds.
    • Compatible with many models of cargo bikes : CargoGLOW is already available for various models of cargo bikes such as Urban Arrow Family and Babboe Curve (more models coming soon).
    • Stylish : The LED lighting is not only functional but also stylish and fits perfectly into the design of your cargo bike.
    • Waterproof : The LED Stripes are waterproof, making them ideal for use in rainy or humid conditions.
    • Glare-free light : CargoGLOW produces a neutral light (4000k) that does not glare thanks to the built-in diffuser - ideal for a pleasant ride with children or pets.
    • Flexible and versatile : The super bright LED stripes are flexible and can be easily attached to different places on the box cover.
    • Increased Safety : With your cargo bike being more visible, you will be more visible to other cars, cyclists and pedestrians, increasing safety for everyone involved.

This is how CargoGLOW works

CargoGLOW is operated with a standard USB plug and is easily connected to a standard 5V power bank. The LED stripes are clipped onto the rain cover's rods using the PerfectFit mounting clips, and the rain cover remains intact.


When it comes to making your cargo bike visible in the dark, there are several options, but none are as simple and effective as CargoGLOW . With this interior lighting specially developed for cargo bikes, you not only increase the safety and visibility of your cargo bike, but also the ride comfort for you and your passengers. Try it out and experience the difference CargoGLOW can make in your daily cargo bike adventure!

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