The ultimate checklist for cargo bike beginners: Everything you should know and have

Welcome to the world of cargo bikes! When you're just starting out, the many options and decisions can be overwhelming. But don't worry, we've put together the ultimate beginner's cargo bike checklist that will help you find the right cargo bike, get the gear you need, and more.

Choosing the right cargo bike

  1. Type of cargo bike : There are different types of cargo bikes, such as longtails, bakfietsen and tricycles. Think about what kind of transportation needs you have and what type of cargo bike best suits your lifestyle.

  2. Height and weight : Make sure the cargo bike fits your height and weight. Some models are larger or heavier than others and can vary in comfort depending on the rider.

  3. Budget : Set a budget for the purchase of the cargo bike and compare different models within your price range.

  4. Electric drive : Consider whether you prefer an electric cargo bike to cover longer distances or climbs more easily.

equipment and supplies

  1. Helmet : safety first! Invest in a quality bike helmet that fits well and meets current safety standards.

  2. Lock : Get a sturdy bike lock to protect your cargo bike from theft.

  3. Lighting : Good lighting is essential to be visible on the road. CargoGLOW is an innovative interior lighting especially for cargo bikes. It is easy to install and increases the visibility of your cargo bike in the dark.

  4. Rain cover : A rain cover protects you and your load from rain and wind.

  5. UrbanHOOKS : With the UrbanHOOKS transport hooks, you can easily attach objects such as prams, scooters or bicycles to the outside of Urban Arrow cargo bikes.

Care and Maintenance

  1. Tires : Regularly check tire pressure and condition to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Brakes : Check the brakes for wear and make sure they work well.
  3. Chain : Clean and lubricate the chain regularly to ensure a smooth drive.
  4. General Inspection : Conduct periodic inspections to ensure bolts are tight, fenders are properly installed and all components are in good condition.

    Lighting with CargoGLOW

    The CargoGLOW interior lighting is the perfect solution for your cargo bike. It has been specially developed for models such as the Urban Arrow Family, Babboe Curve, Bobboe Dog, Nihola, CAGO and many more and can be quickly and easily attached to the rain cover's poles thanks to the PerfectFit mounting system. CargoGLOW is waterproof and provides a comfortable, non-glare light for your kids and cargo. The LED Stripes are operated with a normal 5V power bank, so you can easily charge them on the go.

    For more tips on optimal lighting and safety in the dark, check out these blog posts:

    Safety tips for cargo bikes

    Cargo bikes are a great way to conveniently transport family, pets, or belongings, but it's important to keep safety in mind. Here are 7 safe cargo bike tips to help you get the most out of your cargo bike.

    With this ultimate checklist you are well prepared to dive into the world of cargo bikes. Have fun exploring and enjoying your newfound freedom on two (or three) wheels!

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