Kinderfahrrad mit dem Lastenrad transportieren leicht gemacht mit UrbanHOOKS

Transporting children's bikes with the cargo bike made easy with UrbanHOOKS

How to transport a children's bike by bike? The answer is simple - with our UrbanHOOKS . In this article, we explain exactly how you can use our hooks to securely attach your offspring's children's bike to your cargo bike.

Transport the children's bike easily and safely

We know how challenging it can be to transport an extra children's bike with the cargo bike, especially when the box is already full. With our UrbanHOOKS we have developed a solution that is specially tailored to this challenge.

The UrbanHOOKS are very easy to attach. You simply stick it on the side wall of your Urban Arrow cargo bike. Then you can safely hang the children's bike on the hook and fix it with our FIDLOCK fasteners. Your child's bike is securely fastened and ready for the ride.

Not only are the UrbanHOOKS light and stable thanks to their stainless steel construction, they are also extremely easy to attach. Simply plug into the side panel of your cargo bike - no complicated assembly required.

When you use your UrbanHOOKS, you can be sure that your items will be transported safely and stably. Our hooks feature weatherproof foam and hard rubber inlays that protect your bike's paintwork and ensure everything stays in place.

Possible uses of the UrbanHOOKS

With UrbanHOOKS you can transport almost everything:

  1. Scooters and balance bikes when there is no more space in the box
  2. Stroller if the box is already filled with other items
  3. Bikes when the kids get tired and need a break
  4. Large items such as shopping bags, shovels, or ladders
  5. A crate of drinks when there is no more space in the cargo bike

With UrbanHOOKS you always have enough space on your cargo bike.

UrbanHOOKS in action

Check out our UrbanHOOKS in action on our Instagram profile . There you will find many examples of how to use the UrbanHOOKS.

For optimal safety: CargoGLOW interior lighting

For additional safety while driving, we recommend our CargoGLOW interior lighting for cargo bikes . It ensures optimal lighting and visibility even at dusk or in bad weather.

We hope this post has helped you understand how you can effectively and safely expand your cargo bike with UrbanHOOKS. Also check out our other blog posts where we have provided more tips for safe cargo bike riding and an ultimate checklist for cargo bike beginners .

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