UrbanHOOKS Bedienungsanleitung

UrbanHOOKS User Manual

Thank you for your order and for trusting in our HOOKS! You did everything right. Now you can leave the car at home more often and use your Urban Arrow. On this page we will give you a few tips on how to use the HOOKS for the Urban Arrow Family so that you can get started right away.

1. Install UrbanHOOKS

The UrbanHOOKS are simply pushed over the outer wall of the cargo bike. It is incredibly important, especially at the beginning, to carefully push the UrbanHOOKS over the outer wall. If necessary, press the foam lightly with your fingers to prevent it from rolling up or tearing. This caution is only necessary the first few times. After that, the foam will have adapted to the shape of the outer wall and you can mount the UrbanHOOKS without any special care.

Whether at the beginning or later: The UrbanHOOKS should not be moved to the left or right once they are plugged in to position them. If you need the UrbanHOOKS in a different place on the outside wall, please simply pull them off and plug them back in at the new desired position.

2. Assemble the bike

We have found that all kinds of bikes (from 14" - 28") can be easily secured upside down with the handlebars facing the back of your Urban Arrow. Always remember that the center of gravity of the bike should be in the middle between both HOOKS. A rubber band is included in the delivery. Use this to attach the front tire to the frame so that it does not wobble when cornering!

Urban Arrow cargo bike with UrbanHOOKS and children's bike.

3. Attention!!!

You are wider when you use the HOOKS. Drive more carefully than usual. No matter what you transport with the HOOKS, you do so at your own risk.

4. Always with you

Just take the HOOKS with you and put them upside down on the box of your Urban Arrow. That way you always have them to hand when you need them and you can hang your chain lock or shopping bags on them. And remember to always close the clasps so that your inlays don't get lost!

UrbanHOOKS photographed from inside an Urban Arrow.

5. Front and back

Yes, there is a HOOK for the front (8mm foam) and one for the back (10mm foam)... The hooks are marked accordingly when delivered.

Have fun with your HOOKS!

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