Warum deine Familie auf ein Lastenrad umsteigen sollte: Umweltfreundlichkeit, Kostenersparnis und gemeinsame Aktivitäten im Freien

Why your family should switch to a cargo bike: environmental friendliness, cost savings and shared outdoor activities

Using a cargo bike offers families numerous advantages. In this article you will find out why it is worth switching to a cargo bike and how you can get even better use of your cargo bike with CargoGLOW and UrbanHOOKS.

1. Environmental friendliness

A cargo bike is not only a practical transport solution for families, but also environmentally friendly. Unlike cars, cargo bikes do not produce harmful emissions and therefore help to improve the air quality in your area.

2. Cost savings

Switching to a cargo bike can also be easier on your wallet. Compared to a car, the purchase and maintenance costs for a cargo bike are significantly lower. You not only save on fuel costs, but also on insurance, taxes and maintenance.

3. Shared outdoor activities

Cargo bikes allow families to explore nature together and enjoy outdoor activities. Instead of being cooped up in the car, parents and children can cycle together while getting some fresh air and exploring their surroundings.

CargoGLOW: Interior lighting for your cargo bike

To get the most out of your cargo bike and keep your family safe, good lighting is essential. This is where CargoGLOW comes into play. CargoGLOW is the first interior lighting specifically for cargo bikes and can be easily and quickly attached to the rain cover of your cargo bike. CargoGLOW is already available for many different cargo bike models.

The LED strips from CargoGLOW are super bright, flexible, waterproof and produce a neutral light that does not dazzle thanks to the built-in diffuser. This way you ensure that your family is clearly visible even in the dark and that you are safe on the road.

UrbanHOOKS: Transport hooks for Urban Arrow cargo bikes

With UrbanHOOKS you can expand the storage space of your cargo bike and can easily attach strollers, scooters, bicycles up to 28" and much more to the outer wall of your Urban Arrow. This means you always have enough space for all the items you and your family need on the go.

Safety tips for cargo cycling

In order to travel safely with your cargo bike, you should follow a few tips . Here are some important safety tips for you and your family:

  1. Make sure your cargo bike is serviced regularly to avoid technical problems.
  2. Always wear a helmet and encourage your children to do the same.
  3. Use reflectors and lighting, like CargoGLOW , to be clearly visible in the dark.
  4. Drive with foresight and keep enough distance from other road users.
  5. Make sure your children are seated safely and comfortably while driving.
  6. Practice riding the cargo bike before you go out with your family to get a feel for the handling.

If you are new to cargo cycling, here is the ultimate checklist for cargo bike beginners.

Conclusion: Switching to a cargo bike offers numerous advantages for families, such as environmental friendliness, cost savings and shared outdoor activities. By using CargoGLOW and UrbanHOOKS you can further exploit the potential of your cargo bike and ensure greater safety and comfort. Also take a look at our other tips for making your cargo bike visible in the dark and thus ensuring even more safety.

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