Babboe Curve im Dunkeln mit CargoGLOW

When autumn dims the lights: CargoGLOW brings safety and style back to your cargo bike

The leaves are changing colors and the days are getting shorter. Autumn is in all its glory, but with the picturesque sight also come the challenges of the darker season. Poor visibility in early darkness and rainy weather poses a significant safety risk, especially for cargo cyclists. But with the right lighting, autumn will not only be safer, but also brighter. CargoGLOW is your ticket to carefree and radiant autumn journeys.

The challenge of the dark season

When the sky gets darker and the roads become wet and slippery, riding a cargo bike quickly becomes a test of patience. The most important thing now is to be clearly visible so that you and your loved ones reach your destination safely. But conventional lighting solutions are often complicated to install and cannot withstand autumn storms or nimble children's hands.

Light into the darkness with CargoGLOW

CargoGLOW offers an effective and stylish solution here. This interior lighting, specially designed for cargo bikes, can be installed in no time thanks to the PerfectFit mounting system. The super bright, flexible and waterproof LED strips bring light into the box of your cargo bike - a joy not only for your children, but also for all road users, who can now see your cargo bike much better.

A glow that lasts a long time

Thanks to the power supply via a standard 5V power bank, CargoGLOW lights up for up to 11 hours* and gets you safely through the longest autumn nights.

Visibility that protects lives

With CargoGLOW you can take back the road without the darkness compromising your safety. The improved visibility helps other road users to better assess the dimensions of your cargo bike, which is particularly advantageous in uncomfortable autumn weather.


Autumn may shorten the days, but with CargoGLOW every journey becomes a glowing experience. Safety and driving pleasure do not have to be opposites. Learn more about the easy installation and many benefits of CargoGLOW here .

*The actual lighting time may vary depending on the capacity of the power bank used. The power bank was expected to have a capacity of 27,000mAh.

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